Thursday, May 29, 2008

Service Learning 90-min.

Jenay Smith

Service learning 90 min.

For the 90-minute service learning session my group broke up into smaller groups. Each group focused no different things we needed to get done as a whole. There were 3 groups one for a workshop in Children’s Hospital, another for our third fundraiser, and the last one was for buying toys with the profits from the fundraiser. We got a lot done in that meeting. I was in the workshop group and we decided to do an arts and craft. Were going to decorate picture frames. Some of the issues that were going to run into are money problems, and transporting goods. So far we have a list of most of the things we need and stores we could go to.
The fundraiser group decided to have another sale next week. This time were going to rotate the roles and do different tasks. The group that buys the toys for the hospital found a couple of stores and sales, but they have to keep a budget. I have a feeling that this time everything will go smoothly.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Service Learning Fundraiser Part-2

Jenay Smith

Meeting Reflections

On the 15th we decided to have another fundraiser on the 21st. This time we want it to be more organized and put together. We are suppose to bring all our supplies in before the fundraiser. About 15min. before lunch we will be down in our station preparing for the long lunch ahead. My job is to serve water-ice, others will serve ice-cream, collect money/books, and help keep things organized.
To keep things organized we going to have a follow up meeting the day before which is Tuesday the 20th of May. Hopefully we will get ourselves together before the 21st, and raise money for the children at the Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Service Learning Fundraiser- success

Jenay Smith

Service Learning success!!!!!!

On Friday the 9th we went through with our plans to give water ice or ice-cream for a book. It was a shakey start, because it was our first time doing it. When time came to start we had to find a spoon to scoop the water ice, buy spoons and cups. Some people were not able to bring in what we needed, so the whole group had to suffer. Originally the plan was to bring in all the supplies before hand so we could know all we had, and if we needed anything else we would know in time.

Next time we should be more organized. The line we had to serve the school was disorganized and had no structure what so ever. Money was given to anyone they could find that was on our team, when the rules were to give the money to the people who were at the first table. We are planning on having another fundraiser soon but more organized.

In spite of the disorganization we made $3 short of $100!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Service Learning Reflection- Recap

Jenay Smith

Service Learning Recap Meeting

May 1, 2008 we went over everyone’s role in the fundraiser. Some people forgot when the fundraiser was and what they had to do. In every meeting at one time or another someone is absent, so we had to catch him or her up on what’s going on. Since some did not have a role we had to reassign some of the duties. People’s plans changed and we had to, no matter what keep the fundraiser in motion. At the end of the meeting we had a way to get the message out to the school, we figured out who was bringing what “for sure”, and who was searing the goods.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Service Learning Fundraiser

Jenay Smith 4/30/08



In Fridays meeting we talked about how we will construct the fundraiser. We decided to give out ice-cream sandwiches for a book. This is a better way to collect books instead of raising money to buy books. If we raised money to buy books we would be spending at least 5-10$ per book. Getting other people to bring in new or used books for an ice-cream sandwich would only coast us about 30-60 cents per book. This will enable us to have more books for our buck.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Service Learning Reflection

Jenay Smith 4/23/08

Service Learning Reflection

On Thursday we talked about what we were going to give. We decided to split the group into two at first. When we looked into how it would be organized with two groups, it didn’t look to promising. At the end we decided to do Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).